Risk avoidance ritual

Some very interesting pieces here from The Guardian on Coronavirus, and specifically on the efficacy (or otherwise) of face masks in stopping the spread of disease.

Masks have also become what he calls a “risk ritual”, providing a sense of control over an uncontrollable situation. Just as we can’t avoid being exposed to pollution in cities, he says, “flu is a force of nature. You get it when you get it, but by doing something at least you feel you are taking control.”

Our Face Mask Future, Guardian online, Feb 1st, 20202

With face masks already having been a fashion accessory for some time, it’s interesting to read that their utility is actually not much greater than a lucky charm against the ravages of this particular horseman of the apocalypse…

Finished in his signature fluorescent orange, Heron Preston plays on his environmentally considered approach to fashion and offers a solution for the heavily polluted cities around the world. Secured with adjustable drawstrings, the nylon face mask wears Cyrillic printed text across the front, ensuring you’ll be covered in ‘style.’

Heron Preston facemask, RRP £109.00

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