Against Armchairism

It’s been an age since I last posted anything, despite my best intentions to make this a priority. In my defence, I have been fairly busy… Ok, that’s no defence. I have at least been kicking about in the wilds, lurking in the wilderness and otherwise immersing myself in the world.

“Catching pneumonia in a snowstorm is far less dangerous than suffocating in an armchair. You may find that nature, in all her joyous and dangerous moods, can initiate you much better than any temple or cult can. We are nature and the discovery of the wilderness is the discovery of our primordial self-hood.”

– Jan Fries

In a world where outrage at the latest political nonsense is all too easy, and other distractions and stresses abound, it’s really important to literally ground ourselves in the real world. (I’m not entirely able to define what real means, but I know that it doesn’t involve the internet or TV). This is as simple as leaving your house and being outside. Look at things, living things, and see what they are doing. You might be surprised what they have to tell you.

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