Mysterium Lunae: A Requiem For The Invasion Of The Moon

Tomorrow sees the release of Mysterium Lunae, ABX079, a concept compilation based on the invasion of the moon 50 years ago on 20th July 1969. We helped Aurora Borealis to birth, design and finance this project, and we’re incredibly proud of how it’s come out.

The album will be released by Aurora Borealis as a CD and 44 page A5 book, in an edition of 200. Of those, an edition of 13 will be available with a hand-forged iron moon charm, made especially for the project by occult blacksmith Borealis Ironworks.

The book contains an extended essay by Cody Dickerson, (known for his work with Three Hands Press and Revelore Press, among others), as well as by the contributing artists: Hawthonn, Burial Hex, SUTEKH HEXEN, Anji Cheung & English Heretic, Moon Mourning Earth, and TenHornedBeast. Five of the six tracks are exclusive to this project, having been composed by invitation.

The release will be available tomorrow at noon BST via The 13 exemplars with the iron talisman will only be available from

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