Jimmy & Bill

Infrasound and the occult, from June 1975

We first came across this wonderfully bizarre meeting of minds in a vintage copy of the AMOK journal, purchased on a trip to Inverness. Two intriguing figures, both with their occultural mystique set to stun, it delivers layer upon layer of references and themes. Just brilliantly entertaining.


“Jimmy told me that Aleister Crowley’s house has very good vibes for anyone who is relaxed and receptive. At one time the house had also been the scene of a vast chicken swindle indirectly involving George Sanders, the movie actor, who was able to clear himself of any criminal charges, Sanders committed suicide in Barcelona, and we both remembered his farewell note to the world: “I leave you to this sweet cesspool.”

William Burroughs, Crawdaddy Magazine, June 1975.

Read this transcript via Arthur HERE

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