In praise of obscurantism

The hidden world of TENHORNEDBEAST

In the internet age, we find it incredibly refreshing when we are thwarted on a quest for information. A cursory tap at the nearest “tablet” or “smart” phone, and most mysteries are solved, a wealth of information tumbles into your lap. And yet, some enigmas remain.

TenHornedBeast is the musical/spiritual project of one Christopher Walton, late of ENDVRA. The internet has scant information on the project barring the release pages on labels involved, and on the archive site Discogs. What’s truly impressive though, is the lack of any sort of personal web presence. Website? Ha. Instagram? Meh. Facebook? Not with any sign of life, no.

TenHornedBeast & friend

There are no words of wisdom. Wisdom doesn’t manifest through words. My best advice is to get outside and stay outside for as long as you can.

TenHornedBeast, 2016

Whilst many shout their every move from the digital rooftops, some remain silent, lurking, working the shadows. May TenHornedBeast remain ever thus.

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